Photo Gallery: Travelin Light CD Release Party

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Billy held a CD Release Party for Travelin’ Light at The Vic in Santa Monica on Thursday night, February 1, 2007. He was backed on piano by his CD co-producer Stuart Elster, bassist Luther Hughes and drummer Paul Kreibich.

Billy played to a packed house at the first show, which included some notable celebrities: actor Rene Auberjonois, who currently appears as “Paul Lewiston” on Boston Legal and was “Odo” on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, British-born character actor Donald Moffat and theatrical producer Gordon Davidson, founding artistic director for the Mark Taper Forum. Billy and his brother John started their theatrical career in Los Angeles in Davidson’s production of “The Wiz” in the 1970s.

The Victorian (or The Vic), located a couple of blocks from the beach in Santa Monica, is a victorian-era mansion that has been converted into a bakery, restaurant & jazz club. The trio (Stuart, Luther and Paul) was the “house band” when the jazz club first began.

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